Eight Vegan Edible Flower Recipes for Spring

March 20, 2015

This picture crossed my Pinterest feed yesterday, and now I want to eat all the things with all the flowers.

I am so ready for spring that I want to ingest it. Put warmth in the air and flowers in my belly. Get out of here March, even the dandelions can’t cut through these exhaust-stained snowbanks.

As usual when I put together recipe posts, I have made myself really hungry by ogling so much pretty food. So please just enjoy this little collection of vegan edible flower recipes while I go dig something comparatively disappointing out of the pantry.

Eight Vegan Edible Flower Recipes for SpringCan you even BELIEVE how gorgeous Paper & Stitch’s color blocked chocolate bark with flower petal sprinkles is? I’m not sure I could bring myself to eat a thing of such beauty. No, nevermind, I totally could. Use vegan white chocolate to make this vegan-friendly, then dig in.

Did you think I was joking about the dandelions? The Daily Spud shows how to fry them to a golden crisp and I am more than convinced to go pick weeds. Just swap the egg for a plant-based milk bath for dredging, otherwise completely vegan.

I’ve been wanting to get an ice cream maker because vegan ice cream is boss. This honey coconut milk ice cream with flower topping by A Harmony Healing looks like the perfect excuse to finally do it. Sub agave nectar if you don’t eat honey.

Lilacs are my favorite favorite flower. Now that I know they’re edible, I want to stir Call Me Cupcake’s lilac sugar into every cup of tea.

There’s a raw vegan cake under that bed of jaw-droppingly gorgeous flowers. Hunger intensified. By Green Kitchen Stories.

Sour cherries. Macadamia nuts. Cacao. Rose petals. Yum. Raw rosy rocky road brownies by Ascension Kitchen.

Because nothing says “spring” like a refreshing boozy drink, white wine spritzer with edible flowers by The Flair Exchange.

These Ukrainian preserved rose petals from Healthy Green Kitchen are traditionally used to decorate cookies and fill doughnuts. And now I want to eat my way through Ukraine.


So who else is ancy for skirts and sandals and patios? The birds in our neighborhood seem to think it’s time, but it’s 20º and I still can’t shed my thick winter coat. Somebody please tell me this winter will end someday…

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Blogversary and a Home Depot Giveaway! *closed*

March 18, 2015

So I was making a sandwich the other day when I remembered something.

Jade and Fern has been alive and (mostly) kicking for two years now.

I know, I can’t believe it either. There’s been some periods of limping along, but we’re still here and here to stay.

And that, my dear readers, is entirely thanks to you. Blogging is exponentially more fun and fulfilling for an audience, and your comments, tweets, pins, likes, and shares have brought me so much happiness these past two years. You guys are endlessly supportive and I really couldn’t—and wouldn’t—be doing it without you.

To celebrate my two year blogversary and to say “thank you” to you lovelies, I’m giving away…drumroll please…a $75 gift card to Home Depot!

But first, a nostalgic look back at the five most popular DIY projects on Jade and Fern:

DIY Pineapple Ring Dish by Jade and FernYou guys LOVED this DIY pineapple ring dish project, and I don’t blame you—it’s so easy I made like 10 of them. They’re super cute around the house as little catch-alls, and make lovely gifts too.

DIY Honeycomb Wall Decal by Jade and FernWow, remember when my living room looked like this? Ugh. I sadly had to take down the DIY honeycomb wall decal in order to paint and redecorate, but it was SUCH a great statement piece. If you’re looking for an inexpensive and temporary way to add some impact to a room, washi tape is the way to go.DIY Wood Hexagon Coasters by Jade and FernHexagons are proving to be an enduring trend and I am hunting around for more ways to sneak them into our decor. For now, these DIY wood hexagon coasters are so chic on our coffee table and have held up really well. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of crafting with wood, all you need is a little hacksaw.DIY Storage Coffee Table by Jade and FernSpeaking of the coffee table…the DIY storage coffee table was one of my most viewed posts of last year—I think there are some furniture-makers among you! If you can use a power drill and a tube of glue, you can make this table. My proudest project, AND the most practical—husband and I put our feet up on this beauty every day. DIY Color Block Triangle Earrings by Jade and FernLast but not least, you all ate up my DIY color block triangle earrings. I get compliments on these every time I wear them, which is awesome because they were ridiculously easy to make. This would be the perfect project for a craft night with friends to ride out the rest of the cold weather which keeps dragging on and on and on…

I know, enough yapping and back-patting, let’s get on to the reason we’re all here…the giveaway! One of you wonderful readers is going home with $75 to the Home Depot to make all of your project dreams come true. Well, some of them anyways. What projects have you been dying to tackle?

This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents and will run from Wednesday 3/18/15 through Monday 3/24/15 at midnight EST. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted by email and announced via social media. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize, otherwise another winner will be selected. Thank you so so much for reading! I heart you!

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Update: The giveaway has ended! Thank you sooooooo much again to everyone for all your amazing support. You guys are truly the best readers! xoxo

DIY Mounted Air Plants

March 9, 2015

Spring is coming!

I can tell it’s finally happening because Boston’s 7-foot snowbanks have melted down to 4 feet. Go us.

It’s been a Winter to end all Winters and I am ready for sun and warmth and light jackets and seeing something other than exhaust-stained ice mountains when I look out the window. Like maybe some flowers, that would be nice.

Until that happens, I am bringing spring inside and finally sharing my tutorial for DIY mounted air plants.

DIY Mounted Air Plants by Jade and FernYou may remember this project—and my promise to blog it—from my living room makeover six months ago. I am a final contestant for the coveted Slowest Blogger Award.

DIY Mounted Air Plants by Jade and Fern

Let’s just pretend the delay was part of a clever strategy to time this post with Daylight Savings. Because what better way to celebrate the longer days than mixing up a summery cocktail and making a planty craft? Other than a vacation in Mallorca, but I can’t give any of us that, so crafts it is.

DIY Mounted Air Plants

Skill Level: The easiest.

Time: 20-30 minutes for each.

What You Need:

16 gauge brass wire

wire clippers or strong scissors

pliers (You can use your hands to twist the wire, but pliers are helpful if you got ‘em).

small brass nails


picture hangers

super glue (Optional for if you want to be lazy when attaching the hangers).

air plants (Try The Air Plant Shop, they were very reasonable and the little plants I ordered from them are still thriving!)

wood slices (I purchased these beauties from CypressClocksThings on Etsy).

What You Do:

Step One – Attach a picture hanger to one side of the wood slice using super glue or hammer and nails.

DIY Mounted Air Plants by Jade and Fern

Step Two — Snip off a piece of wire roughly 20″ long and bend a circle into the middle. You’re going to make a little “cage” for the air plant to sit in.

DIY Mounted Air Plants by Jade and FernStep Three — Twist the wire around another time or two until it can support the air plant. Position the plant on the wood slice so you know where to attach it.

DIY Mounted Air Plants by Jade and FernStep Four – Gently tap a nail into each side of the slice.

DIY Mounted Air Plants by Jade and FernStep Five — Twist the wire around the nail, then tap the nail all the way in.

DIY Mounted Air Plants by Jade and FernStep Six — Trim the ends off the wire and hang your new mounted air plant.

DIY Mounted Air Plants by Jade and FernMake a couple of mounted air plant friends and now you have a dramatic, living wall installation. Take that, winter.

DIY Mounted Air Plants by Jade and Fern

DIY Mounted Air Plants by Jade and FernHere’s hoping spring really does come soon. I need more green in my world to rejuvenate after all the snow and sickness.

DIY Mounted Air Plants by Jade and FernDIY Mounted Air Plants by Jade and FernWhat’s the first thing you’re going to do when the warm weather really arrives? Assuming you’re not one of those lucky jerks living in sunny Southern California. Not that I’m jealous…