The Blog Must Go On

September 11, 2014

Some days weeks projects just don’t go as planned.

And whenever that happens, my head is filled with very dramatic music.

Just replace “show” with “blog” and you can sing along to my Blog Despair Soundtrack.

The blog must go on.

The Show Must Go On gif

The blog must go oooooooonnnnnnnn.

Moulin Rouge gif

the-show-must-go-on-o (2)


I need a few days of DIY-ing rather than blog-ing, or else I’ll never get this last cursed living room project finished. But the blog IS going on. Just, not this week.

Have a great rest of your week, all. Here’s wishing you better luck than I’m having! And a good soundtrack for all your dramatic moments.

Make it Friday: Never Enough Art

September 5, 2014

This is not the first time I’ve featured DIY art projects here on the bloggy, nor will it be the last. Because you can really never have enough art.

Unless maybe you live in the MoMA. In which case you probably really love art, so nevermind.

Make it Friday: DIY Art Projects via Jade and Fern

Trust the team over at A Beautiful Mess to wow us with every post. This easy floral embellished photo is where it’s at. They even published another fun photo art project this week: shrinky-dink photo magnets. I die.

Rachel of The Crafted Life needs no introduction with her instantly recognizable and totally awesome manicured hand shots. Here she shows us how to jazz up a plain frame with ribbon. Add a favorite print or hang it on its own, so cute either way!

Geometric animals are the new black. Liz over at Love Grows Wild is rocking the trend with her geometric stitched elephant.

For those of you who actually print personal photos (go you!), try turning them into an art installation, like this constellation photo display by Vanilla Craft Blog. Adorbs.

You have to click through to the original post for this paper wall art piece by Sugar & Cloth. It’s AMAZING. Don’t be intimidated by the awesome, it’s very easy to do and Ashley breaks it down beautifully.


Ok I held out this long but now i just have to say it: it’s September. What.

What are you up to this weekend? I’m trying desperately to make headway on my last living room project, but the humidity is killing drying times. We had a delightfully dry and pleasant August so I shouldn’t really complain, but honestly—WHY is it so humid now that I need to stain wood?

DIY Ombre Notebooks — Because I’m a Nerd

September 4, 2014

I always loved being a student.

And I really mean always, from Kindergarden all the way through college graduation. The clubs and activities! The stacks of textbooks full of exciting new knowledge! The lunches!

Ok, no, I didn’t like the lunches, I’m not a crazy person, just a very nerdy one.

Those good old school days may be over, but nothing appeases my inner student like cracking open a brand new notebook. I know I’m not the only person who gets a thrill when the back-to-school supplies hit the shelves, so this project is for us—DIY ombré notebooks for us hopelessly nerdy crafters.

DIY Ombre Notebooks by Jade and Fern

Rachel of The Crafted Life has been wowing me for ages with her ombré craft projects. They are totally beautiful and impressive—that cloche!—but I admit I’ve been a bit skeptical…could it really be that easy? Really, Rachel?

Well I finally decided to give it a go and use her ombré technique for this DIY, and I have to say—it really is easy. And awesome. And I now want to ombré-ify all the things.

So THANK YOU, Rachel, for being endlessly talented and inspiring, and for letting me share this fabulously simple method here on Jade and Fern!

DIY Ombre Notebooks by Jade and Fern DIY Ombré Notebooks

Skill Level: The Easiest

Time: 10 minutes tops (plus drying time)

What You Need:

What You Do:

Step One - Lay your notebook on an old sheet or drop cloth in a well-ventilated area.

DIY Ombre Notebooks by Jade and Fern

Step Two - Spray the bottom half of the notebook with light coats of spray paint until you are satisfied with the saturation of color. You don’t want to spray up towards the top of the notebook—it’s actually the overspray that creates the ombré gradation.

Here’s an extremely pixellated and teeny-tiny gif to show you how:

How to Create an Ombre Effect using Spray Paint - via Jade and Fern

Step Three - Let the notebook dry according to the instructions on the spray paint. And you’re done!

DIY Ombre Notebooks by Jade and Fern

DIY Ombre Notebooks by Jade and Fern

Now I’ve got THREE new notebooks for jotting down project ideas and to-do lists and dreams and doodles and…

What do you miss the most about school?

DIY Ombre Notebooks by Jade and Fern

Be sure to swing by Rachel’s incredible blog (as if you didn’t already know about it!) for more incredible projects and techniques—this girl really knows how to inspire!

I’m off to see what else I can ombré up…

A Tour Through Blogland, or, A Jade and Fern Exclusive

September 2, 2014

A Tour Through Blogland - Jade and Fern

So you remember in elementary school when a group of kids was playing Capture the Flag and you really wanted to join but you were too shy to ask and you didn’t know who started it all and you felt totally left out and it made you whiny?

That’s how I felt when I started seeing the posts for A Tour Through Blogland pop up.

Bloggers were all “We’re so awesome!” and I was all “Pick me! Pick me!”

And then, out of nowhere, I was picked!

THANK YOU, Hailey from Here nor There, for inviting me to join in on the fun, calming my playground insecurities, and introducing me to your awesome blog!

Here we go, guys, I’m answering the four questions for A Tour Through Blogland:

What are you working on right now?

A Tour Through Blogland - Jade and Fern

What am I not working on right now?! Seriously, I am starting a petition to change the term “blogging” to “doing too many things at once for an audience of thousands.”

My current to-do list:

  • this post (obvs.)
  • a super easy, super cute DIY for Thursday
  • hanging art in the living room
  • phone call later today to hopefully negotiate a sponsored post (EEP! cross your fingers for me!!)
  • planning fall and holiday DIYs
  • my top-secret living room DIY which is driving me crazy because of unexpected technical difficulties (and is the last reason I’m STILL not finished with this room! argh!)
  • photo editing, photo editing, photo editing
  • furniture refinishing, furniture refinishing, furniture refinishing

But I’m not complaining, I LOVE this list. This blog is my creative outlet—and it saved my brain from an art and inspiration-free void (more on that later). I do something different every day and adore every minute of it.

Excepting, of course, agonizingly endless projects like painting the living room over and over…

How does your work differ from others in your genre?

A Tour Through Blogland - Jade and Fern

…It doesn’t really? This is a tough question as I’m STILL trying to nail down my “niche.” There are a million DIY blogs that also post recipes and project roundups and playlists and so on. It’s a saturated market!

(Which, let’s be honest, is awesome, because I want to dive into a sea of DIY blogs and just keep swimming around until I’ve seen/made/fawned over ALL THE DIY.)

That said, I like to think that Jade and Fern stands out just a smidge through my fresh take on trends, my unique voice, and by just making whatever the bleep I feel like. I work hard to create projects that haven’t been done before, like my copper wire abstract art. And if I am taking on a popular subject or technique, I try to do it with a twist, like the embroidered gemstone ornaments and Mondrineon tote bag.


How does your writing/creative process work?

Wait, there’s a process for these things?

(Potential sponsors, please don’t read this part.)

Although I try soooo hard to be organized and plan ahead, I’m incurably one of those people who thrives on the adrenaline of a looming deadline snapping at my heels. I wrote this entire post this morning. Yikes.

I’d like to get more done ahead of time, as it would help me keep publishing content in weeks when my migraines are particularly relentless, but those same migraines unfortunately keep me in a state of perpetual catching-up. So frustrating! But they also keep me working hard and living fully on days when I am well, so, you know, it’s all meant to be or something.

As to how it all comes together, it’s a combination of intentional effort and “divine inspiration.” Creativity is a temperamental beast that rarely allows itself to be forced into anything. At the same time, the more you practice being creative, the easier it becomes.

Basically, I work my ass off while completely winging it. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, amirite?

A Tour Through Blogland - Jade and Fern

Here’s me, crouched under my tripod to shoot an upcoming tutorial. 

Why do you write/create what you do?

Kurt Vonnegut: The practice of art isn't to make a living; it's to make your soul grow.

Because creativity, once accessed, is an insatiable hunger that demands constant and ever-varying feedings.

Because creating in any form helps us to recapture that wonder and joy we felt as kids.

Because in the years between graduating college and starting this blog in March of 2013, I was so overcome by chronic migraines that I felt like I was drowning, and starting to create again pulled me up back among the living.

Because I have to, or else I would burst.

Because there’s nothing quite as pride-inducing as being able to say, “I made that.”

Holy cow, that was crazy cheesy. Excuse me while I clean up these pools of schmalz.


And that concludes the tour!

Thanks for giving me (another) chance to share some more about my wacky self. I know I always love learning more about the bloggers I follow, so hopefully some of you feel the same. And if not, you can just ignore this post and click through to the DIYs. 

Now it’s my turn to pass the torch—I nominate Jeran of Oleander and Palm! I love this lady and her gorgeous DIYs. Be sure to check out her Tour Through Blogland post next week!

And if you’re interested, here are some delightful Tours that I enjoyed:

Amy of Homey oh My

Emily of Go Haus Go

Francesca of Fall for DIY

and of course, Hailey from Here nor There