That [Kilim] Really Tied the Room Together

October 22, 2014

The Dude had it right—a good rug is the foundation for a good room. How’s that for a quotable quote.

If you paid attention to my living room makeover (which I will probably blog about from now into infinity because I am obsessed), you can’t have missed the show-stopping, new-to-me kilim rug.

That rug, my friends, is from my new favorite small business, Kaya Kilims.

Vintage rugs and more from Kaya Kilims

The colors. The texture. The history. I kind of want a mansion now just so I have room for ALL THE RUGS.

I know what you’re thinking—This is a sponsored post, why should I believe any of this hype? I’ve only partnered with a couple brands so far, so you probably don’t trust me further than you can spit.

So let me take a second to be totally real with you. I love this blog. And as much as I’d love to earn some monies for all my hard work on it, I will not clutter it up with sponsorships and/or reviews that I don’t genuinely like and think you will too. That is my promise to you.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s get back to Kaya Kilims. Wowowow. I am beyond impressed with my rug, and the whole experience of shopping with them.

Vintage rugs and more from Kaya Kilims Since we’re talking about vintage wool rugs here, I expected mine to arrive all musty. NOT the case. That rug was clean, gleaming, and ready to go the moment I ripped open the package. Which, by the way, made it from Turkey to Massachusetts in five days.

Shop owners Nez and her family were soooooo friendly and helpful when I reached out to work with them. I always love buying from an independently owned business rather than a big box store, and reading Nez’s story about her personal connection to kilims made it even more special. The collection is so beautiful and I’m not sure how much longer I can resist getting another one, lack of space be damned!

But there’s good news on that front—if you’re in my tiny apartment boat and can’t squeeze (another) one of these beauties into your space, they have kilim pillows. Can we say “wedding gift?”

Now I’d love to hear from you—do you love kilims too? And if so, do you have other good sources for kilim rugs?

DIY Marble Hexagon Cake Stands for PlaidFox

October 17, 2014

Someday, I will have had my fill of hexagons.

But that day is not today.

Today, you can find me over on the blog of PlaidFox, indulging my hexagon obsession yet again with these pretty DIY marble hexagon cake stands.

DIY Marble Hexagon Cake Stand by Jade and Fern for PlaidFox PlaidFox is a Canadian home decor store that reached out to me to—get this—pay me to create a project for them. Like they consider me a real blogger. Somebody pinch me.

Making a cake stand was a no-brainer for me as I’ve been wanting some new serving pieces to go with our new living room decor. When I stumbled upon these gorgeous hexagon tiles—well, clearly, it was serendipity.

DIY Marble Hexagon Cake Stand by Jade and Fern for PlaidFox

If you like delicious marble and/or hexagon things, need a new furniture and decor store to drool over, or just want to celebrate my first paid post with me, I would love love love it if you clicked through to the absurdly easy tutorial to make your own DIY marble hexagon cake stands.

DIY Marble Hexagon Cake Stand by Jade and Fern for PlaidFox

Side note: I bought these colorful fabric fat quarters “to make a set of napkins.” The joke is that I don’t have a sewing machine and don’t know how to use one. But look at those patterns, how could I have resisted??

DIY Marble Hexagon Cake Stand by Jade and Fern for PlaidFox

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! We are having a late-season yard sale tomorrow to clear out the overflow that accumulates every year from my thrifting addiction. What are you up to?

This is Halloween: Channeling Tina Belcher

October 14, 2014

Planning elaborate costumes is my favorite Halloween tradition—other than my annual viewing of Hocus Pocus, of course. Over the years I’ve dreamt up epic (to me) costumes for The Hulk, Rosie the Riveter, a walking carrot (yeah I don’t know why either), Larry King…you get the idea.

The problem is, I never actually make these costumes. Because costumes can get kind of expensive, you know? And as a home-decor/DIY addict, I’d much rather spend my money on a new power tool or piece of furniture, than on a pair of suspenders and fake abs I’m never going to wear again.

But this year…this year, I’M IN LOVE WITH TINA BELCHER. And I must be her.

Tina Belcher Costume via Jade and Fern If you are into quirky comedy then you surely already know of Bob’s Burgers, which critics hail as THE BEST ANIMATED COMEDY OF ALL TIME. I just made that up, but it’s a great show, trust me. And awkward, horse-obsessed, boy-crazy, 13-year old Tina is definitely the cherry on top.

In order to justify actually buying this costume rather than just daydreaming about it, I decided everything would have to come from one store and cost under $50.

So here we go, everything you need for a one-stop Tina Belcher costume:

glasses || wig || hair clip

T-shirt || skirt || socks || shoes

Total cost for all pieces with FREE shipping through Amazon: $43.96.

Not too bad, right? Admittedly more than I’d prefer to spend, but Tina is so so worth it.

I could no sooner pick a favorite Tina moment than animate myself into her reality, so I’ll leave you with this one that A. recommended.

Are you a Halloween costume person? And if so, what are your dress-up plans for this year?

Thank You and Goodnight

October 10, 2014

Jade and Fern

I’m off to everybody’s favorite Swedish import today…but before I go, I realized I was so busy being anxious last week that I never took time to say “thank you.”

THANK YOU, you dear kind readers you, for all your wonderful comments, likes, and pins, regarding both my engagement and my living room reveal! You are so sweet and supportive and make blogging a real treat. I am truly lucky to have you guys fueling this little creative venture, and I can’t fully express through this medium how much it means to me. I heart you!!!

Now for some fun stuff that caught my eye this week:

+ This cat costume cracks me up.

+ I need to plaster this rope light message all over my house.

+ The colors and shape of Hello Lidy’s latest yarn art are sooooo good.

+ I want to go to there.

+ A. and I have decided not to do wedding rings because they’re just not representative of us; but if we DID do them, you can bet I’d make this sweet little salt cellar ring box for The Big Day.

What’s inspired you this week? Have a happy weekend, lovelies!