Lately: Flowers, Blog News, and Inspiration

May 8, 2015

Jade and FernHappy Friday, friends!

It’s been a little irregular around here lately so I thought I’d give y’all an update on current life happenings and stuff. Because I know you are just riveted by my day-to-day. (Right?)

Flowers and such

Spring has finally sprung as they say and I have been soaking up every ounce of sun and breaking my Instagram feed with ALL THE FLOWER PICS. All of them. The end of Snowpocalypse has seen some relief in my migraines and fibro pain THANK THE GODS. And after years of trying to start a regular practice of yoga—I did it! Just a little simple yoga at home, four times a week, lots of breathing, and I’m slowly starting to see the effects (more energy, more calm). Do yoga, people, it’s miraculous.Jade and Fern

Blog News

“News” is a strong word. Possibly even the wrong word. But since I’ve been blogging waaaaayyyyyy less due to the just-recently-ended winter, starting to work part-time in January, and spending more time on my health, I just wanted to let you know…the blog will go on! Here’s some stuff on the horizon:

Mini Makes: DIY in 30 minutes or less. Periodic smaller projects. What do you think? I quietly launched this series this week because I know I’m not the only person who struggles to find time to make stuff. Yay or nay? Keep or nix? Too soon to say?Jade and Fern Mini Makes

Wedding stuff! I’ve been married for almost 6 months now. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I still haven’t posted any wedding stuff. This winter just destroyed me. Time to fix it. Stay tuned!

Collaborations. I’ve got big plans. And you know me and big plans. We’ll see what happens.

Frequency. Time is slowly turning into my friend again as I am learning to balance my work schedule + doctor’s appointments + fluctuating energy levels. No promises, but I am actively working on posting more regularly again! In the meantime, the best ways to keep up with the blog are to subscribe to email updates in the sidebar (you’ll only get an email when there’s a new post!), or follow me on Bloglovin’.

And I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you about next steps for Jade and Fern! I blog because I am a compulsive over-sharer because I want this to be a place of inspiration and community. So tell me your thoughts, friends! What DIY stuff do you want to see more of/less of/differently of around here?


And finally, what I’ve been ogling around the webs:

Springtime Lunch via Almost Makes PerfectNew goal in life—get invited to a Molly, Molly, + Gideon party.

Two fabulous ways to makeover a simple rag rug.

A sweet post on small living and slow decorating. Plus pretty pictures.

Get thee in my belly.

NBD, only the best furniture makeover post I’ve ever seen.


What’s been keeping you inspired this week? How has spring been treating you? And is anyone else as disappointed in the new season of Game of Thrones as I am?

Mini Makes: DIY Mudcloth Picture Frame

May 6, 2015

I need to make things with my hands every day.

It’s not an anxiety-induced, “what do I do with my hands” thing. It’s an “as surely as I need to breathe” thing. My head and and my hands and my heart just don’t feel complete unless I’ve made something.

But you and I both know that making time to make can be a challenge. Especially if you are afflicted with overly ambitious DIY eyes that are bigger than your free time/motivation/workspace. ::cough cough ME cough cough::

So in an effort to get a little more making into my life and yours, I’m launching a new series! Presenting—drumroll, please—Mini Makes: DIY in 30 minutes or less. 

Don’t worry, there will still be loads of ambitious big projects. (“Loads” being a highly fluctuating term, meaning as many as I’m able to actually get done). But I’ll be sprinkling in some easy, peasy, and above all, fast DIYs for the instant gratification we are all accustomed to, and to satisfy the endless yearning to make make make.

Up first, a simple way to bring a touch of bohemian style to your decor:DIY Mudcloth Picture Frame // Jade and FernIn spite of years of my tastes becoming more modern and simple, I still can’t resist a little dash of boho. Sometimes a lot of boho. I’ve got copper and yarn hangings and succulents for my boho leanings, but I don’t have any mudclothy things.

Paint pen to the rescue.DIY Mudcloth Picture Frame // Jade and FernA basic mudcloth pattern is extremely easy to draw, and that’s coming from a lady who struggles to draw a basic stick figure. And, it’s a fun way to update a cheap picture frame. And, you only need one “supply” for this “project.” And, you can do it in half an hour. For serious.DIY Mudcloth Picture Frame // Jade and FernI’ll shut up now and get to the DIY.

DIY Mudcloth Picture Frame

Skill Level: Oh-so-easy. If you can draw triangles and dashes, you can draw a simple mudcloth pattern.

Time: 30 minutes or less.

What You Need:

  • an old, cheap, or boring picture frame
  • a paint pen (I used a chalk paint pen because it’s what I had on hand)

What You Do:

Step One — Grab your frame and paint pen, and do a little research.DIY Mudcloth Picture Frame // Jade and FernWhat? Research? Just google some images of mudcloth patterns to use as a reference. Do you think I came up with those designs on my own or something?

Step Two — Get drawing.DIY Mudcloth Picture Frame // Jade and Fern

It’s not a bad idea to practice your shapes and designs on a piece of paper first. Other than that, have fun! You can make it as simple or intricate as you like. Or be all clever and fake an intricate look by adding lots of polka dots like I did. I didn’t plan the patterns out at all, just started drawing shapes based on the reference images I was looking at, and added in more and more until I was happy with it.

That’s it. You’re done. Add a print to your fancy new frame and call it a day.DIY Mudcloth Picture Frame // Jade and FernSuper secret pro framing tip: take a second to clean the inside of the glass before placing your print. Nothing like sealing up the back of a frame, finding the perfect spot on your wall, hammering that nail, and proudly hanging the whole thing up…only to have to take it all apart again because you’ve encased a bazillion cat hairs. DIY Mudcloth Picture Frame // Jade and FernDIY Mudcloth Picture Frame // Jade and FernHow adorable and awesome is this cactus print?? It’s a watercolor by Hillary Henslee of The Painted Arrow and I’m more than a little in love with it. You should totally follow her on Instagram, she sometimes gives away digital downloads for freeeeee!
DIY Mudcloth Picture Frame // Jade and FernDIY Mudcloth Picture Frame // Jade and FernDIY Mudcloth Picture Frame // Jade and FernAnd this print. So good. So fitting. This guy is by Delia of Delia Creates, and she made it as a free printable for her blog! Go download it already!

Ok so now I’ve got the mudcloth thing happening, but I’m still not sure I’ve got quite enough Pinterest-fueled-hipstery trends going on in my place. Time to draw some eyeballs and crescent moons. And cover my fridge in druzy magnets and Instagram prints.

P.S. Need another mini-make? Don’t forget about my DIY chalk paint jar labels! You can make them in all of two minutes. No joke.

The Easiest DIY Jar Labels in the History of Jar Labeling

April 22, 2015

No, this is not an exaggeration. These really are the easiest DIY jar labels in the history of jar labeling.

Because it’s not so much a “DIY,” or even a “label.”

It’s writing on glass with a chalk paint pen.

The Easiest DIY Jar Labels // Jade and Fern


Ok, I admit to being a tiny bit ashamed at posting something so utterly simplistic and hardly original.

But only a tiny bit, because it’s spring and I want to organize ALL THE THINGS.

The Easiest DIY Jar Labels // Jade and FernThe Easiest DIY Jar Labels // Jade and Fern

Starting with my spice jars, which hitherto have been a cluttered dysfunctional mess:

Spice storage before - Jade and FernThe reality of a kitchen with no cabinets: keeping jars of spices in CD boxes. Not ok. Please don’t judge me, it was the best system I could come up with at the time.

The Easiest DIY Jar Labels // Jade and FernAh, so much better! And legible! And easy to maintain! No fussing with stickers or printers or tape. The chalk paint wipes right off with a damp rag, so it’s a cinch to re-label jars as their contents change, but your fingers won’t smudge the writing when you grab them.

Plus, you can doodle them up and make your “labels” as fancy as you want. As you can see I opted for the 4th-grade boy handwriting chic and minimalistic look.

Are you ready for the DIY photos and steps? Here we go:

DIY Easy Jar Labels

Step One – Grab a chalk paint pen and write on your jar.The Easiest DIY Jar Labels // Jade and FernThat’s it.

You’re done.

More time to go organize other things.The Easiest DIY Jar Labels // Jade and FernThe Easiest DIY Jar Labels // Jade and FernWho else has the spring cleaning/organizing fevers?

Oh, and no, sorry, you do not get to see my newly labeled jars “in action” in their equally new hanging Ikea spice rack. There’s only so many shots of my outrageously blue and yellow kitchen I can share before I hide under the covers in shame.

On an unrelated note, anybody up for helping me paint?

Eight Vegan Edible Flower Recipes for Spring

March 20, 2015

This picture crossed my Pinterest feed yesterday, and now I want to eat all the things with all the flowers.

I am so ready for spring that I want to ingest it. Put warmth in the air and flowers in my belly. Get out of here March, even the dandelions can’t cut through these exhaust-stained snowbanks.

As usual when I put together recipe posts, I have made myself really hungry by ogling so much pretty food. So please just enjoy this little collection of vegan edible flower recipes while I go dig something comparatively disappointing out of the pantry.

Eight Vegan Edible Flower Recipes for SpringCan you even BELIEVE how gorgeous Paper & Stitch’s color blocked chocolate bark with flower petal sprinkles is? I’m not sure I could bring myself to eat a thing of such beauty. No, nevermind, I totally could. Use vegan white chocolate to make this vegan-friendly, then dig in.

Did you think I was joking about the dandelions? The Daily Spud shows how to fry them to a golden crisp and I am more than convinced to go pick weeds. Just swap the egg for a plant-based milk bath for dredging, otherwise completely vegan.

I’ve been wanting to get an ice cream maker because vegan ice cream is boss. This honey coconut milk ice cream with flower topping by A Harmony Healing looks like the perfect excuse to finally do it. Sub agave nectar if you don’t eat honey.

Lilacs are my favorite favorite flower. Now that I know they’re edible, I want to stir Call Me Cupcake’s lilac sugar into every cup of tea.

There’s a raw vegan cake under that bed of jaw-droppingly gorgeous flowers. Hunger intensified. By Green Kitchen Stories.

Sour cherries. Macadamia nuts. Cacao. Rose petals. Yum. Raw rosy rocky road brownies by Ascension Kitchen.

Because nothing says “spring” like a refreshing boozy drink, white wine spritzer with edible flowers by The Flair Exchange.

These Ukrainian preserved rose petals from Healthy Green Kitchen are traditionally used to decorate cookies and fill doughnuts. And now I want to eat my way through Ukraine.


So who else is ancy for skirts and sandals and patios? The birds in our neighborhood seem to think it’s time, but it’s 20º and I still can’t shed my thick winter coat. Somebody please tell me this winter will end someday…

P.S. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a $75 Home Depot gift card!