Make it Friday: Being Thankful

November 14, 2014

So clearly “keeping the blog going” amidst the wedding countdown is not really happening. I love you guys, but something had to give.

However, I just had to pop in real quick to share these modern Thanksgiving DIYs because I am obsessed with them. Come to me, my pretties.

Make it Friday: Modern Thanksgiving DIYs

Y’all know I can’t resist anything involving copper, like these adorable copper cap candles by The Merrythought. If you’re in a rush (and who isn’t this time of year), you could even just buy votives to fit the copper caps rather than making your own candles. To the plumbing aisle!

I love the simple, no-fuss stripes on this painted table runner by Lovely Indeed for Poppytalk.

What a surprise—more copper. You’ll never guess the materials Oleander and Palm used to create her faux copper vase.

Design Love Fest absolutely killed it with this modern take on a holiday wreath that’s pretty enough to leave up year ’round.

And so we remember to pause our feasting and be thankful—printable I’m Thankful For place cards by Almost Makes Perfect. Fill them out before the big meal and then read them off drunkenly over dessert.


Today I’m thankful that I live near so many craft stores. Let the wedding DIYs take shape!

Happy weekend, my dears. Oh, and better late than never—be sure to check out the Tina + Jimmy Jr. dance I promised you!

Tina Belcher + Jimmy Jr.

This is Happening

November 3, 2014

Holy moly. November has arrived. Which means:

We're getting married! Cake photo by The Gemmers via Ruffled Blog

Adorable cake photo by The Gemmers via Ruffled Blog



I’m kinda freaking out a little right now. Because even though we are just doing an intimate courthouse wedding followed by drinks and dinner, we still need fanfare and pizzazz. I mean, it’s our wedding. So our/my to-do list looks like this:

  • apply for our wedding license in-person
  • learn how to put on makeup (I’ve never done more than mascara and lipstick. I am the laziest girl ever.)
  • pick out a cardigan to wear after the “ceremony” so I don’t freeze
  • practice walking in the awesome-but-deadly 3″ heels I got
  • buy jewelry
  • have my glasses adjusted so they stop slipping down my face (I’m using the wedding as motivation to finally get this done!)
  • make my DIY flower hair clip
  • find one of those sticky cup-only bras that actually fits (any suggestions from the small-chested ladies out there??)
  • order flowers & materials for our DIY bouquet and boutonniere
  • figure out downtown parking for the day of the wedding
  • make an itinerary for the day of the wedding so I/we don’t lose our minds
  • arrange accommodations for my dad, brother, and friend who are coming in from out-of-state
  • find a restaurant that can feed a hungry gluten-free & vegan bride, but that’s also big enough for our dinner party
  • plan what I’m going to make for Thanksgiving, which is two days after the wedding (more on that another day)

And on top of all of that, I am starting work 2 days a week at Anthropologie, AND I’d like to keep the blog going.

We should have eloped.

No no, I jest. In all honesty, we’re soooooo excited. And several of these things will be fast and easy once I/we just sit down and do them.

Plus, I’m trying to remind myself that it’s much more important we enjoy ourselves than that everything looks perfect. This is not an easy feeling to embrace for a perfectionist and chronic worrier, but I’m trying!

So, here’s to being productive BUT CALM during this busy month!

What’s keeping you busy as we approach the holidays? Any married folks out there with advice for how to relax about all the planning?

7 Super Last-Minute No-Carve Pumpkins

October 31, 2014

Unlike me, you are perfectly organized, always plan ahead, and definitely DON’T scramble around on the day of Halloween itself wondering how you could have not done any decorating yet.


No? Well never fear, my fellow procrastinators, for I have collected these super last-minute no-carve pumpkins just for us. All of these can be accomplished in an hour or less, so we just might make it in time for the kiddos to start their doorbell ringing. Ready, set, go!

7 Super Last-Minute No-Carve Pumpkins for the Procrastinating Decorator

Amy at Homey oh My! blew my mind when she introduced me to copper tape—and then again when she unveiled these simple stripe pumpkins. Sometimes the best ideas are the easiest!

Make your pumpkins glow without breaking out the carving tools by wrapping them in string lights, as seen here on Woman’s Day.

My favorite of the bunch, I just adore the thumbtack message pumpkin by Country Living. Skip the paint for an even more last-minuteier version.

Casey of Vitamini Handmade is channeling a mid-century vibe with her adorable Catherineholm pumpkin tutorial.

For a more natural, bohemian vibe, try decoupaging fall foliage onto your pumpkins, as elegantly demonstrated by The Merrythought for Poppytalk.

Or, cover your pumpkins in scrapbook paper and/or glitter. Also by Homey oh My!, who clearly won this year’s unofficial best fall decor competition.

Finally, Lovely Indeed created these magical gold geo pumpkins using only a gold leaf pen!


Time to fess up, who here has yet to whip up a pumpkin this year? (Please please tell me I’m not the only one).

This is Halloween: Will You Be My Jimmy Jr.?

October 29, 2014

I’m a lucky girl—two accepted proposals in as many months!

First A. agreed to be my lawfully wedded husband in November. And this Friday, he’s going to be the Jimmy Jr. to my Tina Belcher. All my dreams are coming true.

Be the Jimmy Jr. to somebody's Tina - everything you need for your Halloween costume!

wig || headphones || shirt

vest || pants || sneakers

If you’re looking to embody this dancetastic character for Halloween, you may be hard-pressed to order everything online in time for Friday. BUT it’s a really easy costume to put together from your closet and/or local thrift store!

Just be sure to practice Jimmy’s slick moves.

Ok gang, what are you doing for Halloween??

Oh, and I promise that there will be photographic evidence of our couple costume experience. And if enough people request it, perhaps I can even get A. to do his dance rendition on video—so speak up everyone! Hehehe.

UPDATE: We pulled it off! Check out our costumes!