4 Tips to Staying Sane When You’re Sick

February 7, 2015

I want a re-do on this year. Can we please just go back to 1/1/2015 and start again? No? Fine, I’ll settle for telling you what’s been up.

If you’ve been around the blog for a bit, you know that I have chronic migraines and fibromyalgia. It’s not so fun, but most of the time I do pretty well and have lots of healthy days spent making, blogging, socializing, and generally being a normal person.

But there can be rough patches. Both conditions flared up around the end of December, and I’m only just getting back on my feet. And since I also started a new job as a receptionist at a cat clinic (which is totally as amazing as it sounds, btw), I’ve been reserving all of my energy for work and have been unable to do anything blog related—or, truthfully, anything beyond simply functioning.

So I thought I’d make lemonade and turn my crappy last few weeks into a blog post! Getting back to the basics has helped me feel normal (or as normal as I ever was ::cackles wildly::). Whether you are battling a chronic illness, or just struggling to stay afloat during a lengthy flu, here are my 4 tips to staying sane when you’re sick.

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Hello from a Frigid 2015

January 9, 2015

As much as I’m not a New Year’s person, the post-holiday frenzy and symbolic changing-of-the-calendar is a totally natural time to breathe, reassess, and start fresh. It’s resolution time!

And, all the other bloggers are doing it. Peer pressure is a powerful motivator.

Life is Short Don't Be Lazy - image be The Crafted Life  http://thecraftedlife.com/free-girlboss-printable/

image by The Crafted Life; print by Jordan Brantley (click for the free printable)

What’s NOT motivating, at least to me, is writing a long intimidating list of all the things I want to accomplish and hanging it above my desk to glower at me for a few months, until I realize I haven’t made any progress and relocate my plans to the recycling bin. Been there, done that. I am a very ambitious person, but it’s HARD to make changes. Just in case you didn’t know that.

So this year, I’m trying something new: making resolutions for each season of the year.

And because I’m totally anal, I’m breaking each season’s goals down into manageable tasks. Put your glasses on, it’s time to get nerdy.

Winter Goals: It’s all about building healthy habits.

I’ve written before about dealing with chronic migraines and fibromyalgia, so all I’ll say here is—I want to get as healthy as I can within the limits of those illnesses. And while I’ve worked hard to manage the symptoms and have a good treatment plan, there are some lifestyle changes I could make to help myself further and have more good days. So it’s high time I made them already!

Start and STICK WITH a daily mindfulness practice.

Anxiety makes all health issues worse, and especially migraines. I’ve tried yoga for relaxation in the past and found it to be very helpful, but never made it into a habit. This is the year—or should I say the season.

>> start with yoga and/or meditation 1x per week; build to 2x per week, 3x, etc. until I can make it an every day routine

>> try both morning and evening practices to see what is most relaxing to me (possibly yoga in the morning and meditation before bed?)

Walk for 20 minutes a day.

I was really good about walking last spring and summer, and then just stopped out of nowhere. Exercise is really important for migraines, but really difficult with fibromyalgia; slightly brisk walks seem to work best to keep me strong. A walk is also a great time be mindful, and I love getting away from all the devices and screens and just enjoying the sights.

>> start with 2x per week and build back up to every day.

Drink more water.

Whenever doctors ask me if I drink enough water, I answer “Yes!”…but I’m not consistent with it. (Are you seeing a theme here?)

This is a tough habit to build because it’s all about regular reminders, which can be hard with unpredictable schedules. I already drink only water throughout the day—no soda, juice, alcohol, or anything else other than the occasional cup of tea or morning smoothie. I’m thinking of trying this strategy of breaking my daily water needs into an hourly goal—what do you think? Any other tips on staying hydrated?

And those are my winter goals! I feel positive about this experiment. Long-term goals can be hard to keep up with because it feels like there’s no end to them. With this seasonal strategy, I have a 3-month “deadline” to work on my healthy habits—long enough to give me time to work on them, but short enough that I can remember them and stay motivated.

We’ll see! At the very least, here’s to trying something new!

Are you a resolution/goal-setting person? What has worked or failed for you in the past? Is it above 20°F where you are? (If so, may I join you there?)

There’s been some awesome posts about goals in blogland this year, check out some of my favorites:

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The Wedding Photos

December 31, 2014

I’m not a New Year’s person.

Truthfully, I find the whole thing a bit underwhelming. Maybe my expectations are too high—apparently sipping champagne in a killer dress aboard a yacht with an admiring Jeff Goldblum on my arm is too much to ask?

Last year, I tried so hard. I hung a garland, wrote all about a Pinterest-inspired New Year’s conversion, wore glittery shoes, partied. And I mean, the partying was fun, the friends were fun, but it still fell woefully short from the balloon-bedecked, big-haired fanfare of When Harry Met Sally.

So this year, rather than waste my energy and your time with a New Year’s DIY that I’m just not into…I’m sharing the wedding photos I’ve been promising you.

November Courthouse Wedding - Jade and Fern

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