Ikea Hack: Pendant to Planter

October 22, 2013

We’ve all been there — after trekking for hours to Ikea and lugging home a bazillion purchases, there’s one item that just isn’t quite right. In this case, a pretty glass pendant light that stubbornly refuses to hang straight, Ikea instruction manual be damned. But facing another trip just to return one thing seems wasteful and exhausting.

What to do? Hack it, of course.

Ikea Hack: DIY Pendant to Planter || Jade and Fern

After pilfering the cord and parts from this Basisk pendant lamp to use on my DIY industrial one, I was left with a lovely white glass vessel. All it needed was a few materials to plug the hole, and now it’s a modern plant pot. No Ikea return lines and no waste. Huzzah!

Ikea Hack: DIY Pendant to Planter || Jade and Fern

This DIY will work for any vessel with a too-big-hole. The secret ingredient is fiberglass window screen mesh, which you can find at any hardware store. It’s very cheap, comes in huge rolls, AND it prevents soil from falling out of the bottom of regular plant pots, too.

Ikea Hack: DIY Pendant to Planter || Jade and Fern

What You Need:

  • pendant light shade
  • fiberglass window screen mesh (or gardening drainage mesh, if you prefer to get all fancy and official)
  • scissors
  • old or broken terra cotta pot
  • plastic bag
  • hammer
  • spray paint and painter’s tape, optional

What You Do:

Disassemble the pendant light. I don’t have any pictures of this step, but it basically involves unscrewing any components you can, cutting through the lamp cord, and pulling off the metal parts. It’s easy, don’t worry.

If you want to make your Ikea hack even more awesome, tape and paint a design on the shade-turned-pot. Hot neon pink is always a good choice.

Cut a piece of mesh large enough to cover the bottom of the pot, and place it over the hole.

Tie up the old terra cotta pot in a plastic bag and either drop it on the ground (outside!), or hit it with a hammer to break it. You want a variety of piece sizes, roughly quarter sized to sand-dollar sized. Bonus: breaking old terra cotta pots is very therapeutic.

Weigh down the mesh with a few pieces of terra cotta around the edges. Then, continue to layer in large and small pieces until the bottom of the pot is completely covered. My local gardening center actually recommends this for good drainage, so our hacked planters will house very healthy plants.

Add soil and a plant, and you’re done!

Ikea Hack: DIY Pendant to Planter || Jade and Fern

Ikea Hack: DIY Pendant to Planter || Jade and Fern

I dig that the soil is slightly visible through the frosted white glass, and the pink stripe makes me smile. And I always always love more plants.

What do you think of my little Ikea hack? Have you rigged up any of your own?


This project was featured on Ikea Hackers!

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15 thoughts on “Ikea Hack: Pendant to Planter

  1. MJ Sellke

    Is THIS what you made from the stuff that I previously refered to as “horse poop”? (From your October 8 sneak peek). Well that turned out REALLY cool! I wonder if the pink stripe could be made from duck tape? It comes in a ridiculous number of colors AND patterns these days. Besides, it would make it all the more DIY-ish and maybe even a bit more “guy friendly.”

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