Make It Friday: A Very Vermont-ey Weekend

July 19, 2013

DIY Vermont-ey Projects Roundup || Jade and Fern

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Three guesses as to where I am right now…that’s right, Vermont! And it’s fabulous.

Well, I’m actually writing this on Wednesday so I’m not there yet, but I’m assuming it’s fabulous. My psychic powers tell me so.

Alan and I had a hankering and decided to turn our staycation into a real (albeit mini) vacation. And since I felt super Vermont-ey as soon as we booked the trip, here’s some Vermont/cabin/rustic/vacation – inspired projects for your weekends.

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6 thoughts on “Make It Friday: A Very Vermont-ey Weekend

  1. Anna

    Oo- I’ll be getting Mainey in August! Have a fun trip! And I love the branch hooks; I saw a similar idea with individual branches attached to a wall. Been wanting to install some in my bathroom, but maybe the framed idea would be even better! Thanks!!


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